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Tripura Carpet Industries (P) Ltd

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Tripura Carpet Industries

Tripura Carpet Industries Private Ltd was established under the leadership of Mr. L. C. Thakuri on January 30, 1998. It is registered with Company Registrar Office as Private Limited Company and is regulated by Small and Cottage Industries Office, Government of Nepal. Over the years, the company has grown significantly in terms of export volume and with it, the social impact it has had in the community in terms of employment creation, education support and medical support, and livelihood enhancement activities.

Mr. L. C. Thakuri is a prominent face in Nepalese carpet industries with over 35 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and export of hand-made world class Tibetan carpets. He has worked with the top carpet exporters of Nepal before starting his entrepreneurial journey. The company is currently led by Mr. Dan Bahadur Chand, son of Mr. L. C. Thakuri. Mr. Dan Bahadur Chand also has rich experience of over 20 years in carpet industry. He is also a prominent social worker of Nepal and has been member of Rotary International for over a decade. He recently served as President(2013/14) of the Rotary Club of Kathmandu, oldest and pioneer club of R.I. district 3292 Nepal & Bhutan.

In 1998, he started Tripura Carpet with just 11 weavers working as part-time employees. Currently, more than 100 skilled weavers work in the company as full time employees. Education of employees’ children is supported by the company and the whole family receives medical support from the company. The value sharing attitude of the management with the employees has created a sustainable growth model for the company with enhanced motivation and satisfaction among the employees.

Tripura Carpet Industries family believes and strives for utmost customer satisfaction. Raw material of finest quality is sourced from Nepal and around the world. Woolen yarn is sourced from New Zealand, Tibet and Nepal, while natural custom yarn is sourced from Nepal and India. Silk for carpets is sourced from China. Natural dye and Swiss dye are used for dying purpose.

Manufacturing of carpets at Tripura Carpet is done with customer satisfaction at the core of it. Designs and colors are finalized upon go-ahead by the customers. This involves collaboration between the design team at Tripura Carpet and the customers. Customers are free to choose from en existing design of Tripura Carpet or customize their own design and size for the carpets.