Tripura Carpet Industries (P) Ltd
Tripura Carpet Industries (P) Ltd

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Tripura Carpet Industries has always believed in sharing of benefits among the employees so as to build a long and sustainable partnership. The employees have been receiving education support, medical support, housing facility, bonuses and entertainment sponsorships since the company’s inception.

Tripura Carpet Industries believes that education is a basic right of its employees’ children. For this, it supports the education of children of its employees. It provides full financial assistance in tuition fees and stationary needs. Currently, 73 children are availing this support.
Tripura Carpet Industries provides full financial assistance to employees in terms of medical checkups, medicines and even minor surgeries. Families of employees are covered with this support.
The company provides living facility to all of its employees. The electricity and water expenses of the employees are borne by the company.

Tripura Carpet Industries considers itself a big family with weavers at the core of it. Festival gatherings are sponsored by the company, where the employees and the management come together to celebrate and connect. The company also provides the employees with Dashain (biggest festival in Nepal) bonus/allowances. Festivals like Dashain, Tihar and Teej, among others, are an occasion to further strengthen the bond between the management and the employees.

Tripura Carpet Industries also organizes picnics for the employees, management and their families at regular intervals.

With an aim to overcome occasional short-term cash needs of employees, the company formed a cooperative for the employees and their families. The company bore the cost of registration and facilitated formation the core committee to set out rules for the cooperative. The cooperative works on crowd funding model, whereby the employees contribute a little sum monthly to create a fund. Any member of the cooperative can request for a loan from the fund for a definite period at a nominal interest cost. The limit for such loans is preset. The company encourages this practice of employees helping each other in times of financial needs; this helps in cohesive organization. The loans are even used by employees’ families to finance their small business ventures, mainly opening shops and farming, which in turn enhances their livelihood.