Tripura Carpet Industries (P) Ltd
Tripura Carpet Industries (P) Ltd

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What type of carpets does Tripura Carpet make?
Tripura Carpet specializes in manufacturing of carpets of Wool, Silk, Bamboo Silk, Banana Silk, Hemp, Nettle (Allo), Soft Hemp, and Lenin. The carpets are hand-made. The shape, size, color and design can be customized by customers.
Provide the range of quality of carpets manufactured by Tripura Carpet
We manufacture 60 knot, 80 knot, 100 knot, 120 knot, 150 knot and 200 knot carpets.
Once I send the carpet order, how long does it take for Tripura Carpet to ship my order?
This time depends upon the size and quality of order received. Upon confirmation of design and order, it usually takes 12 to 15 weeks for Tripura Carpets to ship the orders.
How do I maintain my carpet (rug)?
You should regularly vacuum to keep the carpets clean. Also at regular intervals, you should send the carpets for washing to professional carpet cleaner.
What do I do if I spill tea/coffee over the carpet?
Soak the spill by using clean cloth or paper towel. If any stain remains, clean the stain using natural detergent and lukewarm water. If the stain persists, send the carpet for washing to professional carpet cleaner.